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Oct 11, 2023

Assignment Question

In this course, the learner-faculty connect video assignment will be used for reflection as well as to discuss your preparedness for upcoming weeks. This is a private conversation between you and your instructor, and you are encouraged to explore the concepts presented. As a regional director of marketing, it is essential for you to know how you are going to apply various marketing principles and theories to design an effective and relevant marketing plan for the reopening of the park. This includes various aspects such as understanding the target audience; identifying the right and relevant marketing methods to communicate with the target audience; using product, place, price, and promotional strategies to attract the target audience; and so on. You have been provided with the following target audiences: · Primary Market: Families with children (ages 6–18) with an average annual family income of over $75,000 per year · Secondary Market: Teens, ages 15–18 Prompt In this mentor-focused video check-in, you will review the Milestone Two Guidelines and Rubric (Milestone Two is due in Module Six) and have an asynchronous discussion with your instructor regarding any initial concerns about the same. You will also review the CMO Memo for Target Audience and address questions about target audiences. You are encouraged to continue reaching out to your instructor so that any concerns and questions are addressed before the course project is due. Discuss your progress and concerns with your instructor through this presentation. 1. Refer to the CMO Memo for Target Audience, then describe how the four Ps can be used to attract existing and new customers back to the U.S. Park Southeast when it reopens, keeping the target demographics in mind. Your response should address the following: a. Describe the plan to market the product to the identified target audiences. What communication strategy will you use for the target audiences regarding the park services? b. Describe the pricing strategy that should be considered to drive new and existing customers. How will you communicate the value of your offering through an effective pricing model? c. Describe the role of place in attracting customers back into the park. Identify the appropriate communication method to share information about the safety measures you have taken. d. Describe two promotional events aimed at your two target audiences designed to drive attendance. Include one promotional event for each of the two target audiences.

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