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Apr 28, 2023

Mary thought to herself that she could use some of the little savings she had put aside for the rainy day to get grinds for Ria. She couldn’t let her waste her teenage years. Ria only laughed at this suggestion and reminded her mother that in another year she would be legally able to leave school altogether. Mary didn’t push this create as she felt that at least she is attending at the moment and she didn’t want to jeopardize that. Mary didn’t like this boyfriend of hers either.

She couldn’t quite put her finger on it but he seemed like a shady character. Ria had started going out with Gavin a few months ago. She met him through David. Gavin is 17 and is attending the local youth reach. He hasn’t much interest in school. He has told her he’s only attending Youthreach for his parent’s sake and to collect the money that he gets there. He can’t wait until he’s 18 and then he is out of there.

Ria has greatmusical abilit. She plays several instruments and has reached grade 7 on the piano. She was attending lessons but recently has started to skip them. The music teacher Rang Mary to let her know that Ria has been missing classes.

Mary was furious and stopped funding the lessons as it was too expensive to pay for lessons that she was not availing of especially as money is tight in the house. Ria received basic sex education from her mum and a little in school. They both promoted postponing sexual activity until you are in a committed relationship preferably when you are much older. She heard this at home a lot especially considering that her older sister has two children and she is only 21.

Gavin expected sexual intimacy almost from the time they got together. She felt that in order to keep him she would have to fulfill his wishes. On a night out recently they were both very drunk and didn’t use any contraception. Ria’s period is now 2 days late. She is not overly concerned as she has had unprotected sex with Gavin before and she didn’t get pregnant.

Ria is in good health generally. She’s not very conscious of what she eats and she skips meals regularly, especially on days after she’s been drinking. She has studied home economics in school and she knows what constitutes healthy eating. Her mum has been on her case recently about the fact that she is very pale and encourages her to eat meat but Ria doesn’t listen.

She has been very tired also now that she thinks of it. Perhaps her Mom is right, she may be lacking some minerals and vitamins She certainly wouldn’t be as fit as she used to be at the beginning of secondary school when she played sports three evenings a week. She had to give all that up and spend most of her free time with Gavin and his mates. That’s what he likes her to do!

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