MBA611 International Strategy Global Scan and Market Entry Audit:

Internal Code: 1IIDD Assessment Description

You are to prepare a global scan and market entry audit on “choosing your destination”. This is an individual assignment to be presented in a format of your choice so long as it does not exceed 15 A4 pages or 1500 words. You will conduct this based on one of the destinations discussed in class. This assessment focuses on the second, third and fourth learning outcomes as per the subject outline.

Assessment Details

  • You are to choose a firm on which to base your analysis. You can use the same firm from


Assessment 1.

You are to choose 2 potential destinations to analyse.


  • You are to prepare a global scan and audit analysis in relation to expanding globally to these

    destinations. You will be required to justify the reasoning for going global to these destinations and examine the cultural and market fit. You are to analyse your chosen firm’s strategic capability and assess risk, cost and environmental factors of entering this destination. You will then make a recommendation of the destination of best fit. The limit for this subject is 15 pages or 1500 words. Your analysis should be presented in a professional corporate format. You should also support your analysis using figures tables, visuals and images

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