MBA631 Digital Marketing and Communication Channels.

Question : choose TWO digital marketing tools that would meet the needs of the company.You may have to conduct further investigation on how to implement each of these as we will not be going over the detailed ‘how-to’ instructions in class.

recommend blogging on certain topics, write 3-4 blog entries. Include them in your in your report and explain why they would be helpful in implementing the proposed strategy.

b. If you recommend creating a Facebook page, describe the content you are planning to create to engage the targeted audience.

Include examples of such content in your report and describe how they would be helpful in connecting with customer segments. If you want to use Facebook advertising, provide a summary of the proposed advertising campaign, sample ads, and predicted outcomes (e.g., click-through rates).

c. If you recommend tweeting, provide the text for at least three (3) tweets as examples and explain why they could engage targeted customers. Discuss the hashtags you would use to connect with “influencers” and any proactive actions you might take to latch on to “trending” hashtags.

d. If you recommend posting a YouTube video, create the video (3-5 minutes), post it on YouTube and report information about projected views and expected comments over time. Discuss optimisation of your video and precisely how it could go viral. e. If you recommend other social media tools, such as using Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, snapchat, etc.

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