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May 01, 2023


Overview Of The Company

Integration management is an essential part of project management which combines all components of project management. This factor includes stakeholders, resources, coordinated tasks and all other project elements. The company nominated for which a detail setup is prepared in this report is CIBO Espresso, a coffee shop based in Adelaide, South Australia. The company was founded in the year of 2000 (Cibo Espresso 2022). The company was founded by four people- Angelo lnglese, Claudio Ferraro, Salvatore Pepe and Roberto Cardone. The company delivers traditional Italian food prepared with local healthy ingredients but in an Italian atmosphere. Compared to other café chains in Australia, CIBO Espresso is known for its Remarkable Brand Loyalty. The roles or designation that are generally performed by the assigned staffs include- team leader, baristas, team members (Cibo Espresso 2022). The team members are responsible to utilize their previous experiences and skills to serve their assigned roles. The team leaders are responsible to utilize heir experiences in hospitality for creating unbelievable employees and customers experiences. The baristas will prepare amazing food items to attract more customers.

The company also provides online training as well as store training. From this training, the staffs will be able to get enough information regarding the brand, their operations, facilities, roles of individuals within the store, cash handling process and OH&S requirements. From the store training, the staffs will learn how to serve best to their customer. In other words, the staffs will learn how to make and serve incredible coffee and food items to staffs. The primary mission of the company is to serve authentic Italian coffee with traditional offers. All the items are expected to be served within a charming atmosphere. CIBO Espresso offers is unique Italian style blend, that is crafted from 100% premium Arabic beans (Cibo Espresso 2022). The beans used for preparing the coffee are specially grown in sustainable rainforest alliance farms. CIBO espresso prepares real traditional recipes for Italian food with local ingredients maintaining proper hygiene.

 In this new era of technology, most of the businesses are becoming technology driven. CIBO Espresso also maintains the all safety and security measures. The company maintains all privacy policy. The company considers all privacy policy very sincerely and focused to keep the trust. It ensures that all personal information is secured from unwanted access. The company maintains 1988 privacy act. During payment processing the personal information that are generally collected include name, address, gender, IP address, occupation, details of debit card and credit cards, contact number, email address, purchase behavior and previous order information (Cibo Espresso 2020). None of the sensitive personal information are generally collected by the company. The marketing team promotes their products and services through online but does not have any web application or mobile app till date. The people who are excited to purchase the products are always advised to visit the stores directly because there is no online service available for the store.

In order to gain more commercial benefits and expand the business, the company has decided to open a new outlet in Perth. The company will enable the company to increase media attention. Opening new store in always a major event that justifies all media attention. For building effective relation with the customers and enhance customer buzz new outlet opening is very beneficial. It also helps to optimize the corporate support. For attracting new customers new outlet opening is very beneficial (Mainga 2017). It creates economies of scale and enhances market influence. The new setup plan developed for CIBO Espresso is supported by a WBS, gantt chart, risk management plan and a schedule flowchart. The new store opening project will be accomplished followed by 5 stages- initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and control and project closure.

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