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Dec 23, 2023

Assignment Task


Advanced Manufacturing Process Manufacturing technologies are changing rapidly and the ability to use them define competitiveness of the sector. Therefore, this report aims to provide students with knowledge and understanding of the underlying principles of the advanced manufacturing processes theory and practice to solve technological problems currently faced by the industry. Students will gain the required skills by learning about disruptive manufacturing processes. This report will give students skills to analyze and implement advanced manufacturing processes, particularly in High-Value Manufacturing sectors where precision, strength-to-weight ratio and material properties under extreme parameters are important, such as aerospace manufacturing. The assessment is designed to assess the ability of students to originate creative advanced manufacturing solutions for the industry. Part of the assessment is designed to evaluate the application of the advanced manufacturing technologies for impactful solutions to the problems. An intensive literature review and interaction with experts is expected to achieve these objectives.


  • Begin by thoroughly understanding the report`s objectives, tasks, and expectations outlined in the report brief.

  • Read and Report Relevant Literature and References:

  • Begin by introducing the topic of Advanced Manufacturing Processes.

  • Select a particular topic in Advanced Manufacturing process such as additive manufacturing, incremental sheet forming, ultrasonic machining etc.

  • Search and identify key academic papers, articles, and books related to this topic.

  • Summarize and discuss the most relevant studies and their contributions to the field.

  • Ensure proper citation of sources and adherence to a consistent referencing style (e.g., APA, MLA, or Chicago). Critical Analysis:

  • Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the research conducted in that topic.

  • Evaluate the methodologies, experimental designs, and data analysis techniques used in previous studies.

  • Discuss the reliability and validity of the findings in the context of quality control.

  • Consider the limitations of existing research and how they may affect the overall understanding of the topic.


Research Objectives

Clearly define research objectives that align with the report`s aims, involving the comprehension, analysis, and implementation of advanced manufacturing processes.Stress the significance of addressing these objectives to overcome industrial challenges in the selected industry/sector. Hardware and Software Test/Simulation Requirement + Input and Output Parameters: Define/sketch diagram the pivotal input and output parameters that influence manufacturing outcomes. Describe the prerequisites for hardware and software used in testing and simulating advanced manufacturing processes. Explain the implications of these parameters on the manufacturing process and why are some parameters more important compared to others.


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