ME5524 Biofluid Mechanics Assignment.

CFD Simulations of flow in 2D carotid bifurcations

Objective 1: To perform flow simulations for a chosen case using commercial CFD code.

Objective 2: To analyse the results by the CFD post-processor.

Objective 3: To understand the influence of model geometry changing to flow patters

Write a report about 8 A4 pages presenting the simulation results for a chosen flow and analysing the results.

Figure present an example of a diseased carotid bifurcation. Student is asked to reconstruct two 2D models of carotid bifurcation based on the figure. One model is with stenosis, which means the outer walls of the model are defined by the boundary of the lumen showing in the figure. The other model is without stenosis, the model outer walls are defined by the arterial walls in the figure 1 (right panel) with the plaque regions removed as indicated by the red line. The diameter of the lumen at the inlet of the CCA is X(mm) as indicated in the Figure. The other dimension parameters should be obtained by the students accordingly. The inlet segment in CCA and the outlet segments in ICA and ECA should be extended to at least 10 times diameter length in order to have a fully developed velocity profile at the inlet plane and outlet planes. The value X is different for each student (to be given separately). Therefore, if two assignments have identical model geometry, they can be treated as plagiarism.

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