Measuring Enterprise Risk Management Of An Insurance Firms

Risk Management – Research Project

Measuring Enterprise Risk Management of an Insurance Firms List on Dubai Financial Markets

Project Brief:

In this group project, you will be required to complete a project using real data of the joint-stock insurance firms operating in the United Arab Emirates. This is group-based work and students are required to form a group of 5-6 students in each group during the first week of the course. Each group is required to pick an insurance company. A company should be publicly traded on Dubai Financial Market. A company must have at least 4 years of operating history and 4 sets of annual financial statements.

Each group’s final research report must have the following structure.

  1. Introduction and Background of the Insurance company
  2. Methodology
  3. Enterprise Risk Management Index Construction
  4. Conclusion and Recommendation
  5. References
    What should be included in each section of the report?
    Introduction and Background
    a.An evolving perspective on the Enterprise Risk Management System
    b. What is enterprise risk Management (ERM)?
    c. Why it is important in the modern business environment?
    d. What are the implications of better enterprise Risk management?
    e. How ERM can be used as a competitive edge?

2- Background
A brief background about the company/organization under study, like Name, Location, etc. and relevant details like organization structure, existing systems of managing risk

3- Methodology
I) Detailed descriptions of measurements used in the Enterprise Risk Management Performance
2) The relevant data gathered should be described and presented in the form of tables. For measurement purposes, you may build your argument using Gordon’s et al. (2009) work or any other appropriate methods.

4- Enterprise Risk Management Index Construction- Excel Template
The analysis should be detailed. Group members are expected to generate an enterprise management performance index. Once the ERM performance index is generated last 4 years, you are required to discuss the problems encountered by the chose different categories of ERM which will be visible from the ERM index.

5- Conclusion and Recommendations
Based on the findings and your understanding of the subject matter, a set of recommendations are expected. It is important to indicate that a set of recommendations should follow from the conclusions inferred. The recommendations should have value to the organization. If possible, quantify the benefits that can be gained from following the recommendations.


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