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Oct 21, 2021

Task :

The purpose of the final project is to give you the opportunity to demonstrate competency in the use of the AutoCAD application. Youíll be required to submit two drawings. One drawing is in the mechanical design discipline, the other architectural. You arenít being tested on your knowledge of engineering or architecture. The objective is to use the information provided throughout the program to generate these drawings to the best of your ability. Youíll be given more than one opportunity to submit your drawings. Drawings will be reviewed, graded, and comments will be given regarding the submittal. Youíll have an opportunity to address the comments and resubmit your drawings for a higher grade.

For your final project, youíll be creating two specific drawings using the AutoCAD software and the skills and techniques youíve learned in this program. The first drawing that you must create is a house plan and is included below. The second drawing is from Appendix A in your textbook: Nozzle 950 (page 665). The house plan project is a realistic example of a drawing in the architectural discipline, while the nozzle project is an example of a mechanical drawing. Be sure to include notes and dimensions when completing these drawings.

This project will be graded, so take your time and review your textbook and practice drawing assignments as needed. Make sure to save your work often! When youíve completed the drawings, name the files as follows:



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