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Jun 22, 2023
  1. Question: Procedure in the event of illness or other valid cause (extenuating circumstances)

    If you believe that:

    • your performance in assessment or reassessment has been impaired, or;
    • you were unable to attend for an assessment or reassessment, or;
    • you were unable to submit assessed or reassessed work by the scheduled date due to illness or other valid cause (as defined in the Procedures Governing Extenuating Circumstances), may apply for extenuation for the relevant component(s)

    Learning outcome 1: Analyse the structure of the UK project management system and possess a critical awareness of the managerial role played by the architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) industry
    Learning outcome 2. Evaluate the AEC professional`s role in society and the community

    Thinking Skills
    3. Explain and critically assess procedures involved in engineering management
    4. Evaluate the importance and application of quality assurance and quality control procedures within the construction industry
    5. Analyse the main forms of civil engineering contracts and procedures and apply them to a given task.
    6. Critically assess the environmental impact of construction projects and the use of sustainable methods of construction

    Subject-based practical skills
    7. Use various analytical methods to evaluate project programming & controls and critically evaluate how the findings may be used in the decision-making process.

    Skills for life and work (general skills)
    8. Communicate ideas, principles and facts to a wider audience in the form of a presentation.

    The Mental Wealth Competencies, listed below, are a way to reflect on how you act and react to situations, and what ‘softer` skills you are developing throughout your working life in general and this assignment in particular:

    • Digital Proficiency (DP)
    • Emotional Intelligence Development (EID)
    • Social Intelligence Development (SID)
    • Physical Intelligence Development (PID)
    • Cultural Intelligence Development (CID)
    • Cognitive Intelligence (CI)
    • Industry Connections (IC)
    • Community Connections (CC)


    As in the real world, you will be dealing with ambiguous and uncertain situations and information. You will need to manage, mitigate and justify any assumptions according to your best professional understanding. You must deliver to your client a professional report that addresses their concerns and puts forward your suggested outline design / action plan with ways to implement that plan. It is important to remember that you are acting as a professional consultant and must put forward what you believe to be the most appropriate solution remembering you have a professional duty to society which may be contrary to your client`s needs.

    There are two parts to the assessment of this module and they are included in this one assignment as follows: (Please submit two separate documents)

    1. Case Study, Technical Report
    2. Individual Mental Wealth Reflective Log

    The technical issues will be covered in part (A) and your professional ability to manage yourself will be demonstrated in the Reflective Log (B).

    Assignment brief
    Keep a log of all the challenges that you face and reflect upon this in your Reflective Log.

    The structure of the report and reflective log
    The main features of a report are described below to provide a general guide. These should be used in conjunction with the instructions or guidelines provided. Please follow the instruction provided on the instruction guide document.

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