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Oct 19, 2021

Mentoring Policy and Procedures


Establish the programs mentor-mentee policies

Accountabilities and responsibilities

Describe the accountabilities and responsibilities of the people who would be involved in the program. These should relate to the management and support structures you described in your Mentoring Program Report.



Describe how mentors and mentees will be recruited

Selection criteria

Explain criteria that can be used to screen and match mentors and mentees

Establish this programs mentor and mentee selection criteria, as well as the procedures and tools that will be used to ensure that good matches are made.


Establish formal requirements for the mentor-mentee relationship

Diversity considerations

Address cultural differences and diversity issues that may arise in mentor-mentee communications


Describe the resources that will be used during the mentoring program


Describe how the outcomes from mentor mentee relationships will be reported, collated and stored

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