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May 01, 2023


In terms of the nursing informatics, the understanding of the given statement made by Florence Nightingale, it can be mentioned that nursing informatics were scarcely available in the past. This often resulted in unnecessary waste of life (Saba, 2001). At that time, hospitals were not used to keep the record which could be used later by nurses. As stated by Florence Nightingale, informatics can be used in various purposes and she realised that by using informatics, nurses could even improve their mode of treatment (Saba, 2001).

As mentioned by Furst, et al., (2013) informatics and its use have been changed since Florence’s time as much as that it has enhanced the clinical practice through the evolution of the technology. Now a days, artificial intelligence is being used in the health care industry which has not only improved the clinical practice but also the nursing practice. Information regarding patients, medical history of patients is being kept by the health care facilities for further use (Furst, et al., 2013). Medical records at present time not only fulfil the purpose of treatment but also serve the nursing practice by enhancing the mode of treatment as it can state the relative value of a particular operation.

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