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Aug 14, 2023

(a) Briefly describe & introduce the organization and illustrate via supply chain mapping/diagraming the current process of, engagement across companies,
suppliers and customers to bring the product(s) / service(s) to the consumer (including returns where applicable).

(b)Analyse the internal and external organizational requirements and the types of supply chain management relationships that exist within the organization’s industry.

(c) Discuss and evaluate the challenges within the organization’s supply network relevant to the industry norms i.e. in the context of today’s global environment.

(d)Specifically appraise the changing nature of technological and data-driven supply chain communications and information requirements within the industry

(e) Critically assess the ‘effectiveness’ of the organisation’s current supplychain strategy via the application of a supply-chain performance measurement framework (e.g. Balanced Score Card / Scor).

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