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May 01, 2023
    1. 1. Training

      The team members will have to be adequately trained. Training will be necessitated by the following factors:

      -the training of new recruits

      -improvement of the employees’ capacity as deemed necessary

      -introducing employees to a new technology to which they are not accustomed

      2. Performance Review

      The performance review will be carried out periodically. It will take place continuously, at the end of each phase of the project. The appraisal will be objective and done based on the predetermined parameters.

      3. Recognition And Rewards

      The management will adopt a reward and recognition system. All the best performers will have to be rewarded appropriately. The reward will be done in the form of:

      -monetary rewards-bonuses, and salary increment

      -job promotion

      -non-monetary rewards-use of trophies

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