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May 01, 2023
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      The report is aimed to analyze the problems with the recruitment and HR policies that are used to manage the employees of Job Filler LLP. Job Filler LLP is a recruitment consultancy that is responsible for recruiting new employees for different individual companies that hire the services of Job Filler LLP. Sarah is responsible for directing the actions of the consultant company and ensures a turnover of £5m. The company comprises 35 employees who are divided into four posts to ensure proper progress of activities important for the progress of the company. But it is identified that a number of problems are being faced by the company in the last six months due to a number of factors. These problems are mainly related to the actions and management of the employees working in the company as Sarah identified that their level of motivation to work is significantly decreasing and many employees are trying to switch their jobs for better opportunities, Sarah has also identified that a number of competing companies are also responsible for providing attractive opportunities to the employees which are responsible for affecting her business. Thus it is crucial for Sarah to analyze and enhance the recruitment and people management policies of the company to ensure effective motivation of the employees and boost sustainable growth of the company.

      Theoretical Knowledge And Critical Understanding

      Analysis Of Recruitment And People Management Policies

      It is identified from the case study that the business managed by Sarah is responsible for facing a number of problems regarding the approach of recruitment and management of employees in the organization. These problems are mainly identified as the decrease in the motivation levels of the employees which are mainly due to the ineffective payments and retention policies of the company. It is also identified that the competing companies in the market are responsible for providing the employees with a range of additional benefits that are affecting the capability of the company to retain talented employees. Moreover, it is also identified that the team responsible for targeting retail sectors is also not able to perform effectively due to the health problems of some employees. These problems are critical and must be managed effectively to ensure proper management and retention of the employees. To ensure such actions the HR approaches and policies of the company are analyzed as follows:

      • Selection and recruitment: Selection and recruitment of the employees is a crucial action as it involves the effective selection of the employees for the enhancement of a company. This involves the analysis of the skills and knowledge level of the participants such that their competencies can be effective for the company (Abbasi et al. 2020). As identified from the case study Sarah maintains a fixed set of educational qualifications according to which the employees are selected for different roles in the organization. These qualification standards are identified to be effective in enabling the selection of effective employees for the organization. But as identified in the case Sarah selects a number of female candidates and fewer male candidates which is responsible for affecting her profits as most of the female workers tend to opt for maternity leaves. Thus it is also essential for the company to recruit a few young male candidates to ensure an effective balance of diversity at the workplace. This is mainly because of the fact that workplace diversity helps to enhance the levels of emotional intelligence in the company and ensures the development of innovative ideas.

      The internal factors that is responsible for affecting and enhancing the process of selection and recruitment are given as follows:

      Strength: The Company maintains a strategic pricing policy that is fixed and depends on the nature of the project being undertaken.

      Weakness: The policy of managing the employees is not effective and is responsible for developing a scenario of dissatisfaction among the employees.

      Threat: Ineffective development of HR policies and people management approaches is responsible for affecting the motivation level of the employees.

      Opportunity: Developing a new range of policies for recruiting potential candidates

      The external factors for affecting recruitment of the candidates involves the following:

      Legal Factors: The country UK is also responsible for maintaining a number of laws regarding the payment of employees like the labor laws and the laws of human rights. These laws are also responsible for affecting the HR policies of the company as these laws must be maintained for the effective growth of the company in the markets of the UK.

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