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May 02, 2023


Complete a brief report to your CEO. How does your chosen organisation apply one of the three topics below to their process areas and why?

.Lean Operations
.Continuous Improvement 
.Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility Of Grand Canyon University

Corporate social responsibilities include those practices and approaches that improve social standards and create a perfect balance in the environment. CSR is specifically so true for universities where contribution to knowledge and wellbeing of society is very important. Corporate social responsibility includes organizational governance, labour practices, human rights, working environment, fair operating practices, consumer issues, community involvement and others. Grand Canyon University can implement and conduct a CSR program to increase its value and brand image in the local and national markets. The university can implement CSR activities on its campus to stand out for environment-friendly concept. It will increase social contract and allow the institute to continue its operations across the world. There are several studies that have tackled the issues of sustainability in higher education; therefore, Grand Canyon University needs to be more serious about CSR activities and reduce business operations that are creating a harmful impact on the environment. The corporate social responsibility program will stabilize the university model and provide a sustainable environment to grow. The University has to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, use of fossil fuels and need to increase the use of renewable energy or resources in the business. Grand Canyon University can also lead the CSR program by minimizing the environmental impact due to travelling. The stakeholders of the institute need to arrange required resources, capital, employees, required materials, and other things to successfully create a CSR campaign for social wellbeing. With the CSR activities, people will accept the university as an eco-friendly educational institute and promote it in the future.

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