Minor Characters

Fahrenheit 451 is a book that involves electronic advanced society. When there is society, there is influence. The job of minor characters is to influence. Minor characters either propel the plot forward, reveal information about a major character, and set the tone of a scene. Minor characters are like the salt and pepper to bland dish, they add that extra spark but adding to much detail about them may drown out the story. There would be no Fahrenheit 451 without minor characters & Montag wouldn’t have woken up from his false reality without them. It all starts with The Old Woman , she is a lady who refused to leave her books and burned to death in her home with her beloved books. Montag steals a book on the job that her keeps hidden in a vent at his home. With the memory that had been scared into his conscience lead him to wonder what it was about these books that a women had died for them. Clarisse Mcclellan is interested in things that her society thinks is unusual,like looking at the moon, and smelling the leaves. Clarisse has no interest for the advanced technology her society has come to depend on like Montag’s wife Mildred. Clarisse led Montag to his path of awareness.

Soon after Clarisse and Montag get close, Clarisse dies from a fatal car incident. This minor character was the first to start the rippling effect Mildred is the perfect role model for millennials in the society. She’s dead inside and has a sickening obsession with electronics. In fact, the most interesting thing she does during the novel is attempt de hari kari. Professor Faber and Montag first met in a park and after a long conversation regarding the notorious paraphernalia packed BOOKS. After Montag was taken in by the persuasion of books, he seeks Faber out and together they plot against the brainwashed society. While montag was on the run Faber was the accomplice to Montag’s escape. At the end of the novel, Faber allegedly escapes the bomb. Faber had called Montag a fool and he doesn’t take kindly to opposition and that’s where Faber & Captain Beatty have similarities. Captain Beatty, runs the fire house where Montag works. The firemen’s’ purpose is to burn books and the houses of which they were kept. Montag looks up to him because of his vast knowledge of literature. Montag and Beatty have more in common that acknowledged. Granger is a man who helps Montag grow in his knowledge of books. After the town is bombed Granger leads Montag to the book people to form a literature society.

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