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Mar 30, 2023

Module Code & Title :-  MK3556 Creative Communication
Assessment Type :-  Assignment 2
Learning Outcomes Assessed: 
1. Understand and analyse creative elements within an integrated marketed communication campaign
2. Develop the big idea through creative thinking techniques and craft powerfully written copy for use with integrated marketing campaigns
MK3556 Creative Communication Assignment 2

The Brief/Instructions  :-
 Assessment 2 is aligned to Module Learning Outcomes 1 and 2 a clear under standing of these is essential before attempting this assessment
 Students are required to work in groups with a minimum contribution of each group member equalling 1,000-words
 Students will develop a 30-second Radio/Podcast advertisement as part of an Integrated Marketing Campaign for a product or service of their choice
 The IMC must have at least 2 creative elements (Radio Advertisement + 1) with clear rationale coherent narrative and critical links

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Total: GBP120

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