MK7040 Marketing in the Digital Age and CSR.

Assessment Brief
This assessment requires you to critically assess a digital marketing communication of a core product/service, and evaluate the overall CSR and ethical practices of a global organisation of your choice.

The assessment is to be written in a report format. Select a Digital Advertisement or Promotional Campaign of your choice. The advertisement must be of a core product (only one product and related advertisement to be chosen). Once you have selected an advertisement or promotion you are then required to complete the following parts:

Part 1: Introduction
– Introduction (350 words)
Briefly identify the chosen organisation. Offer background information, followed by identification of the core product/service of the chosen organisation for the purpose of this report.

Part 2: In depth evaluation of the effectiveness of digital marketing
– Segmentation and Targeting (800 words)

You are expected to offer an in-depth critical evaluation of the chosen digital marketing communication. Identify the main segment/target market for which this is designed. Also explain, is the product relevant for the chosen target market? And what is the Targeting strategy?

This must be focused on the product and the chosen advertisement rather than any other product of the company as different products will have different segments and target markets. Is the segmentation and targeting strategy robust or is their any room for improvement? Is any segment of the market left out?

– Positioning and Branding (500 words)
Assess the positioning and branding strategy adopted by the organisation. For example, does the advertisement outline a niche or a premium product? What promotion strategy has been used, eg push vs pull? What perception did you get of the brand?

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