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Aug 19, 2023


Write a conclusion paragraph that briefly informs the reader of what you wrote about in your review and your overall findings. Relate your opinion with the thesis idea.


Make sure all references are cited correctly. Recommend that you use textbooks, business journals, periodicals, and textual references as well as any online research. Make sure you support your ideas with facts and figures. Your reference must have at least 3 citations from the textbook (Rosenbloom) and 2 citations from other relevant sources.
Please try to use your own words and ideas based on research rather than copy and paste others’ words from the internet.


Attach your article with the report and submit it to your lecturer. Make sure you post your assignment and article in Google Classroom.


WEEK 13 before/at 6 PM please submit together with your rubrics.

Late submission will be penalized. Your marks will be deducted by 3 marks per day.

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