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Assignment Task

What is the task?

Each student will be required to participate in a major project (Assessments: A2 and A3). The project involves developing digital marketing strategy for a new digital business. The project is designed to provide students with insights into how marketing technologies, tools, and applications can be used to develop and implement digital strategy.

The task is for you to develop a new digital business and strategy that incorporates theoretical concepts into a practical situation. Be creative but ensure your strategy can be implemented to your identified target market. Workshop activities are designed to guide you through the planning process.

You will be working in groups and are required to remain in the same group for the semester. You are expected to make your group dynamics functional, just as you would have to in a real workplace situation. It is expected that each member of the group contributes equally towards the completion of the tasks.

How does it work?

Students will form groups in Week-2 Workshop. Within groups, students will brainstorm for new digital business ideas and decide on one that the group will work on.

Stage One: As individuals, students will complete a written Competitive Analysis Report to gain in-depth understanding of the competitive landscape related to the industry in which the proposed digital business will be entering.

Group discussions are encouraged. However, each student should complete their own assignment independently. 

In this report you are expected to focus on only one competitor of your choice. Your analysis report must include the following contents:

1. Introduction and Background including a clear description of who the competitor is, what is their core business, their online key value proposition, target markets and revenue streams. You must also justify why you perceive them as your competitor. Use relevant theory/concepts/course materials to support your analysis.

2. Competitive Analysis: Analyse the digital marketing communication strategy of your chosen competitor using the RACE model by Dr. Dave Chaffey. Even though you might not have all information at your disposal, you should address the following points to the best of your ability.

  • How does your competitor build their audience by integrating owned, paid and earned media?
  • How does your competitor use content marketing* and persuasion to prompt brand interaction and leads?
  • What strategies does your competitor use to convert leads to sales? Focus on their e-commerce process, their product, pricing, and promotion strategies to increase conversion.
  • What strategies does your competitor use to develop customer loyalty and repeat sales?

3. Summary, Key takeaways and Implications: In which areas does the competitor perform particularly well? What are some areas that they could improve on? What have you learned from this analysis that you could apply to your proposed new digital business (your Project)? Use relevant theory/concepts/course materials to support your analysis

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