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May 01, 2023
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      The media dynamics has significantly changed over the past few years especially after the rise of digital media. In term of brand advertising or brand promoting, many companies select digital media as a channel, because large number of audiences in short time accesses it. The growing importance of digital media is influencing the companies to change the marketing strategies into digitalised version from the Traditional Media Channels. In this study, the various aspects and importance of the digital media channel will be discussed using the help of appropriate models and analytical tools.

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      The technique of advertising and promoting using digital channel like social media, search engines, various mobile applications and others is known as digital marketing. The advertising of goods or services using various types of electronic medium is also known as digital marketing. According to the latest reports, it has been found that approximately 4.66 billion people that are 59.5% of the global population are full time internet users now (Chaffey, 2022). Therefore, the main target or objective of the digital channel is to target the maximum number of internet users and promote the brand. In this way, a company becomes capable of promoting its goods or services to more people, in order to expand the market as well as increase profitability. Digital media channels simplify the process of tracking the growth of advertising campaign taken by the company (Bala and Verma 2018). The impression, likes, and shares of the campaign on a digital platforms clarifies the demand of the advertisement easily, making it easier for the company authorities to understand about the digital campaign.

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      Before advertising company products through digital media, an advertiser needs to consider several factors, such as the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. In the context of strengths, the most important factor is the cost-effectiveness. It becomes easier for the advertiser to invest on the digital campaign more because; the budget for overall advertising becomes low. In addition, the advertisers get to convey the message to a wide number of customers belonging from various places or countries at the same time. The digital media audiences are generally considered as very active, because they get opportunities to engage to the advertisers directly through digital media. These entire factor increases the brand recognition, benefitting the company (Kumar, 2022). However, the main weakness of digital media is that, the information is not always verified. The advertisers do not get opportunity to explain everything within a digital post, therefore, in many cases the audience do not wants to accept the advertisement.

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