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America has been one of the top destination countries in the globe in which many people have been targeting to reside in the country since ancient times. Various forms of documentations were used for entry in which the individuals who had various documents to use and enter into the country. The migration of people into the USA experienced an influx of immigrants into the country especially from German and China. The mid-19th century was regarded as a period of great change as many immigrants from European countries. The various migrants who came into the country came for various duties and operations which was deemed as an important opportunity through which they can increase their income and be able to engage in various activities in the society. the country became a top destination among migrants from various countries across the globe who viewed USA as a region of potential in which they would be able to increase their operations and stand a chance to get better opportunities. The early 19th century was a period in which it was not mandatory to have documentations to be able to travel into the country as illegal migrants used different routes to enter the country as evident in the way in which a lot of migrants particularly from China sneaked into the country through illegal routes. This report will detail how primary source documents were used for entering into the country.

Primary Source Document

America was regarded as a top destination to many individuals due to the fact that the country advocated for sound, health and safe nationality and in which the interests of many people were protected with minimal discrimination being allowed in the country. It was as a result of the country having a sound development plan in which all people were accorded equal rights that many people developed interest to come into the country and settle there hence contributing to an influx of migrants from different regions who came into the country for various reasons (Gerber and David 2008).

The primary source documents that were used for migration into the country included photographs, diaries, speeches, government documents and newspaper articles. Through incorporating these documents and other writings, they facilitated capturing of diverse experiences that migrants into the USA went through and also they provided an opportunity through which the journey of migrants can be analyzed and an understanding be developed on what they experienced when they were moving into the country. It is also an opportunity to reflect on the genesis of formalizing immigration documentations and what milestone has been achieved so far with regards to developing documents used for legalizing travelling into the country (Montgomery 1995).

In an attempt to control migration into the country, a bill was introduced in the senate in January 16th 1902 in which it sought to prohibit and regulate immigration into the USA, its territories and all territories such as Columbia by limiting people of Chinese origin from coming into the territories. Section 2 of the bill stated that after the passage of the bill, no Chinese were to be allowed into the country including Chinese laborers who were seen as a threat to the democracy of the country.

The use of various documents described above as primary source documents were used to provide tangible evidence of the origin of the migrant and also ascertain on whether they can be able to read and write. The migrants were offered an opportunity to write and describe themselves hence they were able to stand a chance to be considered for entry into the country. The use of documents such as the photographs was meant to provide the immigration office with a glimpse of the migrant who has entered the country and keep track of their operations in the country by using their picture as primary source document that can be used to trace him in case they have been involved on any unethical practices in the country (Stumpf and Juliet 2011).

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