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May 01, 2023

Part 1

a) Crocs is a footwear company that has lot of fan following currently that led to high sales growth in the past year. On the contrary, this was not the case since its inception. It should be noted that when it was first introduced with its unique look, it was criticized as one of the ugliest shoes in the market. The criticism not only came from the general customers but from the celebrities as well (McKinnon 2021). Despite of criticism the company has been able to establish a position for itself. The major reasons for its growth are the marketing strategies that the company has taken. The company never tried to alter its look and tried to redesign their products. Rather, they kept their introductory design and developed new products based on the old design. It means they use the look to make it their trademark. It should be noted that the objective of the company was to create its own identity through its product. Currently, looking at the product a person can easily say if the product is from Crocs or not (Segran 2021). Apart from that, the company has taken an innovative way of promoting its products by collaborating with the celebrities who like and use their products. The concept behind this was that the people remain curious of knowing if the celebrities who promote the products do actually use the products or not. Thus, collaborating with Justine Bieber and Bad Bunny who loves Crocs puts the company in an advantageous position. Further, the company used the marketing strategy of limiting distribution. Under the strategy, the company introduced few limited edition products that could be purchased until the stock lasts. Due to this reason, products bad Bunny’s Crocs got sold out very fast (Bhattarai 2021).  Again, the company has the helped the society by providing healthcare workers 0.9 million pairs of shoes and this helped to create the social face that adds to the brand value of company. Further, it is found that the company used the Social Networking Platform effectively. It lowered advertisement investments on other platforms and increased on social networking and online platforms (Elan 2021). Additionally, the colour of Crocs’ shoes are unique that helped the company to create its own market. Further, Crocs targeted the customers who love the product and never tried to attract its haters. Eventually, those haters become lovers as well with growth of the company and rising amount of sales. The growth of the company is evident from is rise in sales the in 2020 and 64% rise in sales in first quarter of 2021.

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