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Assignment Task

Purpose and Objectives

This assignment follows on from assignment 1. Based on the target market and positioning strategy you have identified and recommended in Assignment 1, your task is to propose a detailed sustainable marketing mix program (4Ps - product, price, placement and promotion) that will assist Boring Management in making a better-informed decision as to whether to enter the Australian marketplace (based on your

recommendation from assignment 1). Please note. You are able to change the direction of the assignment based on the feedback from assignment 1 e.g., change target market, differentiation strategy(s).

Assignment 2 Objectives

Use the Boring Barista Oat Milk develop the following marketing mix strategies, with justification (primary and secondary research):

  1. Develop the Boring product to better meet the needs and expectations of your target market with the ultimate aim being to develop a more sustainable* product/brand.

  2. Develop a pricing strategy to drive initial trial of the Boring Barista Oat Milk

  3. Develop a multichannel distribution network which is sustainable* and also addresses the growth of direct and online

  4. Develop strategies that will increase your chosen target market’s interaction with the brand in order to create greater brand awareness and brand recognition for the Boring brand and its sustainability* agenda/platform in the Australian

At least two of the marketing mix strategies must contain specific UN sustainable development goals. You must justify why the specific SDGs were chosen.

The textbook (8 th edition) provides an overview of the role of a marketing plan and provides a sample (see appendix 2) case study. This is for insights only as this assessment task addresses specific Deakin graduate and unit learning outcomes and unit content.

Marketing Mix Plan

If you complete the SDG quiz you will receive the Deakin SDG Awareness certificate which you can add to your skill portfolio.

Using the template provided, prepare a report for the management board of Boring . In your report, include the sections below. Note the word count included in the brackets are a suggestion only. Definitions and direct quotations are not required in assignment 2. Images and relevant tables and graphs are mandatory throughout the discussion.

Background (Assignment 1)

In the boxes provided in the assignment 2 template, summarise (key points only) your target market/consumer profile, differentiation strategy(s) and positioning statement developed in Assessment 1. If you do not include this information in the boxes, as required, the content will form part of your assessment word count. You are able to change the target market, differentiation strategy(s) and positioning statement based on the Assignment 1 feedback.

Marketing Mix Strategies

Guidelines for developing marketing mix strategies:

  • state the strategy and provide supporting evidence (justification) for its choice using e.g., primary research (based on a survey to be completed by students of MMK101); and secondary research including industry reports, statistics, and relevant marketing theories and concepts;
  • clearly state how the strategy(s) will be implemented;
  • recommend suitable marketing metrics that will measure the effectiveness of your marketing strategies for each of the 4Ps (product, price, placement and promotion); and
  • at least two of the marketing mix strategies must contain a UN sustainable development goal. You must justify why the specific SDGs were

Ensure you meet the marketing plan objectives outlined on page 4.

Product Strategy

Using the chosen product from Boring product range (as identified in assignment 1) develop a product strategy that meets the needs and expectations of your proposed target market and aligns with your differentiation strategy (developed in assignment 1). You must provide supporting evidence throughout the discussion and ensure your strategy(s) result in a more sustainable product/brand.

Pricing Strategy

Recommend a pricing strategy that drives initial trial of the Boring Barista Oat milk . You must provide justification for your choice of pricing strategy.

Distribution and Logistics (placement) Strategy

Recommend a multi-channel distribution and logistics strategy that aligns with your target market’s need(s) and reflects sustainability and growth of direct and online marketing. You must provide a diagram to reflect the multi-channel distribution network you have developed. Note. do not copy and paste the textbook diagram.

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Strategy 

Recommend at least three (3) promotion tools from the marketing communication mix that aligns with your target market’s media habits and meets the company’s objectives of creating brand awareness, promoting brand engagement/interaction and advocating sustainability.

Marketing Metrics

Recommend marketing metric(s) (marketing analytics) that measures the effectiveness of all your marketing mix strategies.

Conclusion and Implications 

Summarise the key findings from both assignment 1 and 2. What is your recommendation to Boring - Should they enter the Australian market? Why?

Are awarded for the integration of the UN sustainable development goal strategy with justification.

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