MMM267 Business Logistics.

Questions- Select an Australian business organization of your choice (or an international business organization with a sizeable Australian presence). It can be either a service or a manufacturing business or a combination of both. Write a 3000- word research report critically analysing the key sustainability aspects of the organization’s current supply chain.

In your write-up, you are expected to demonstrate appropriate understanding and usage of relevant supply chain management (SCM) theory, concepts, tools and techniques covered in the weekly lectures and prescribed readings. Your submitted report should specifically address the following four key requirements:

1. Provide a brief descriptive profile of your chosen business organization clearly rationalizing your choice;

2. Provide a detailed description of the current SCM practices of the organization; 3. To what extent do you think are these current SCM practices sustainable? Provide a critical appraisal.

4. Provide a set of recommendations to further improve the sustainability of the organization’s SCM practices.

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