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May 01, 2023


Chapter 1:  Research Introduction


The relevant study intends to offer a comprehensive analysis on how every popularized platforms of social media such has a considerate influence in the purchase intentions of customers while the platform had found a considerable increase in its utility among business organization. Based on that premise, the considerate focus of this section of the study set out the nature as well as purpose of the study that sets out the structure of the narrative as well as introduces the topics that are being investigated in its context. Hence, the relevant chapter details out on the aim, objectives and rationale of the study while summarizing a background that seems relevant to the subject of the study.

Research Background

Business organizations are utilizing different ways in order to attract customers nowadays in which the platform of social media plays its significant role in capturing the attention of the customer (Rasool, Shah and Tanveer 2021). In the modern age of business, social media plays its vital role as an effective platform by facilitating interactions between organizations and customers. As much as it has seen its usefulness in increasing loyalty of a brand as well as providing aid in customer services, the virtual platform has proved itself as one that has more to offer when it comes to engaging with brands (Shareef et al. 2019). In the purpose of facilitating engagement between businesses and customers, organizations have considered developing strategies that are effective in their way of exposure to the users of social media. The strategies being devised in that correspondence sees to attract customers to a certain brand while in turn see to make its presence aware to a large set of people thus granting adequate exposure. It is with that correspondence, the present study intends to analyze the influence being exerted by the platform of social media in the purchase intentions of the customers (Iankova et al. 2019). It sees to base its explorative analysis on the fashion brands for the sector has certainly seemed to utilize the platform of social media effectively in order to attract customers during the pandemic. Hence the considerate purpose of the study is to analyze the influence of social media in the purchase intentions of young customers based in India towards luxury fashion brands and their products (Bilgin, 2018). With that being stated, the relevant study sees to bear reference of the luxurious fashion brand of Armani for understanding its usage of social media platform in order to understand how it influences the customer’s purchasing behavior.    

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