MMS712: Sports Marketing – Partnership of Brand Positioning – Case Study Assignment Help

Internal Code : 1IFAD Case Study :

This assessment will provide you the opportunity to create a case study on a specific social/cause related marketing issue, the marketing of a new product extension by a sport organization , or a brand new technological sport innovation that has “disrupted” industry norms.

You may choose:

1. A clearly branded initiative or foundation (e.g., NBA Cares, Cricket Cares, PGA Tour drive to a  billion, etc.).

2. A specific organisation’s approach to tackling a social issue (e.g., AFL + racism; NFL + children’s  physical activity through Play60; North Melbourne FC + social cohesion/inclusion).

3. An organization’s product extension (New membership options for sport teams (3 game, social,  armchair, etc)

4. An organization’s new products (AFL and AFL W; NRL and Auckland 9s; BBL and Women’s BBL, etc)

5.A new to the industry product, initiative, or technological advancement that has changed how the  sport industry operates.

  • Please try to refrain from choosing a simple new sporting goods product unless it is truly new (Nike Fuelband; Under Armour Healthbox; Nike E.A.R.L self-lacing shoe)
  • Product must new within the last 24 months.
  • Some relevant social issues to get you thinking might include: health, physical activity, education, social cohesion/inclusion, racism, bullying, LGBTQIA; domestic violence; gender equality; illicit drug use; alcohol abuse; gambling; and environmental sustainability.

Task :

You may choose one of the following two options:

1. Social action or partnership of brand positioning and/or commercial value:

  •  How much is it worth?
  • What does it cost?
  • What is the ROI?
  • Other details related to the benefits and upside of social issue engagement for sport and their partners.
  • Draw on marketing principles to analyse the approaches and outcomes.

2. New marketing strategy based upon product extensions/new product: 

  • What is the product extension/new product?
  • How does it fit within the organization’s existing portfolio?
  • What is the size and scope of the new product?
  • Which consumers/markets is the organization trying to expand or enter in to?
  • Other details to the benefits and upside of the new product/product extension.
  •  Draw on marketing principles to analyse the approaches and outcomes?

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