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May 26, 2023

Assessment Tasks

In this first assignment, you should reflect (using a reflective model such as Gibbs` or Kolb`s) on your learning in the first five weeks of the semester. Base your writing on your experiences in this module so far, your reflection on the course material, and any feedback you have received.

Refer to your learning logs and Personal Development Plan (PDP) for evidence and ideas. You should also include other sources to support your argument.

Your account should discuss the following points:

  1. Most Important Learning Insights:

    • What have been the most important learning insights you have had so far?
  2. Learning Logs and PDP Reflection:

    • Looking at your learning logs and the PDP, identify: a. 2 new strengths that you have discovered b. 2 areas of your work that need improvement.
  3. Next Steps:

    • What do you want to do next? Identify one of the areas of your work that needs improvement and outline 2 or 3 ideas for its development.

Assessment Criteria:

  1. Uses knowledge gathered and captured in learning logs and PDP.
  2. Identifies strengths clearly by adding examples and links to the learning log and PDP from experience and theory.
  3. Demonstrates an understanding of work that needs development and illustrates what can be done to improve this further.
  4. Presents work clearly and accurately using the appropriate personal expression and organisational form (i.e., follows recommended structure, uses third person to refer to information from literature, and references sources correctly by using the London Met Harvard Referencing System; learning logs and PDP are attached).
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