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May 01, 2023


Experience 1

Overview of experience: While providing mental health support to one of the patients with Bipolar disorder, I failed to collect the health history of the patient accurately. This resulted in poor acknowledgement of the history of diabetes and was later corrected based on health records. 

Reflections on experience: This experience helped me learn about the importance of patient history. I failed to include this information in the record as the patient had not mentioned the incidence.

Learning from experience: I have learned that for patients with severe mental illnesses, the inclusion of family in the process of care should be taken into consideration (Jones & Beauvais,  2022). 

Change for the future: In future, I will ensure verifying patient information from the medical record and also include the family of patients for comprehensive assessments. 

Experience 2

Overview of experience: I had to provide care to an ATSI patient with depression, and I was assisted by a Liaison officer for the same. 

Reflections on experience: Sensitive care is crucial for mental health patients (Hwang et al., 2018). Through this experience, I was able to gather information on competence in care. 

Learning from experience: I was able to learn the importance of strong communication skills in care. 

Change for the future: I will improve my communication skills and be more competent with cultural sensitivity. 

Experience 3

Overview of experience: I had to educate a patient with schizophrenia about the need for medication adherence. I was struggling to do so and was helped by my supervisor, 

Reflections on experience: Patients with severe mental illnesses need to be educated about the importance of medication adherence (Hansen & Metzl, 2019). This needs specific attention that I failed to provide in the process. 

Learning from experience: Understood the importance of rapport building and trust-building with patients. 

Change for the future: I Will focus on building strong patient and nurse relationships. 

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