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May 02, 2023



International business defines the situation in which company conduct its business operation beyond boundaries (Ghauri, Strange & Cooke, 2021). In other words, its means trade of goods, services and technology at global level with the motive to provide different product at international level. Furthermore, international business encompasses cross exchange of different commodity among two or more nation. In order to maintain quality business at global scale it is crucial to have effective supply chain and logistic in the company. Through this, company can save time as well cost and also assist to sustain in the market for the long run.  In addition to this, a well maintain supply chain structure reduces organization expenses and management can conduct business at large scale more efficiently (Beugelsdijk, Ambos & Nell, 2020). Supply chain management helps to manage cost and expense and helps to deliver goods quickly as possible. It is vital for the company to carefully research and develop blueprint regarding supply chain while conducting business at large scale. 

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