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Apr 10, 2023

Customer Service Management Assignment Case Study : A service blueprint is a diagram that visualises the relationships between different service components. They can be a particularly useful tool for outlining the customer experience. A blueprint will describe the critical service steps objectively and depict them so that employees, customers and managers alike know what the service is, can see their role in its delivery, and understand all the steps and flows involved in the service process. Careful analysis of each contact point in the blue print will reveal where problems might occur so they can be anticipated and avoided (Hudson and
Hudson, 2017).

Famous models on yachts! Exclusive island once owned by Pablo Escobar! Those were just some of the selling points for Fyre Festival, a supposedly opulent music weekend that was scheduled to begin in the Bahamas on Thursday, with “first-class culinary experiences and a luxury atmosphere,” along with performances by G.O.O.D. Music, Major Lazer, Migos and more.

Promoted by Instagram influencers including Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski as a never-before-seen V.I.P. event, the gathering — with weekend ticket packages starting around $1,200 and topping six-figures with extras — was supposed to compete in an increasingly elaborate landscape of boutique music festivals that have sprung up in the wake of Coachella.

But when guests arrived on the island of Great Exuma for the inaugural weekend, they found something closer to “Survivor”: grounds that were woefully lacking in the promised amenities, replaced instead by dirt fields, soggy tents and folding chairs (Coscarelli and Ryzik, 2017).

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