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Apr 05, 2023

Module Code & Title :-  MOD007807 Case Study
Assessment Type :- Assignment
Basic information :-
Summary of reason why MASH information gathering has been requested(drawing on information obtained from the Contact)
 Chloe is six months pregnant.
 Chloe has a learning disability and self-harms.
 Tom is a wheelchair user due to double amputation below the knees. Injuries caused whilst serving in Iraq war.
 Tom has a diagnosis of pos HTML t- traumatic stress disorder and depression.
 Tom drinks heavily and smokes ‘spice’.
 Tom hasn’t worked since being discharged from the army. He occasionally earns some by doing some odd jobs for the man over the road. Tom is in receipt of various benefits.
 Recently Tom’s so-called friends have been staying.They smoke and take drugs and Chloe thinks they have been looking at her. She is worried for herself and the children she wants a better life.
 Children George 5 years old and Chardonnay 4 years old also at home.
MOD007807 Case Study Assignment

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