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May 18, 2023
      • Mr. Butch Clas, HR Director for SEA and ANZ at Dow Chemical, found out how healthcare and wellbeing initiatives help to improve employee satisfaction in various dimensions. “We believe that a healthy body and mind will lead to improved productivity, and hence, it is important to us to focus on initiatives that will make employees happy at work,” he said. Dow Chemical’s yearly internal employee attitude survey has shown an improvement i.e. stress reduction by 7% – supporting why having a corporate wellbeing program is important.

        Not only does it benefit the employees, but it also significantly benefits the business. However, one of the biggest problems HR faces in employee well-being programs is the lack of participation. 52% of employers surveyed by Limeade, a pioneer in the HR technology industry admitted it was the biggest challenge, with 49% citing difficulty in maintaining interest and activation with 36% of respondents feeling like it’s a battle to help employees develop long-term healthy habits.

        As Millennials take over the workforce, it provides HR with a different set of expectations to meet when it comes to well-being. This change in the talent landscape makes it all the more crucial for HR policies, strategies, and practices to evolve and address the current and upcoming needs, as well as the main interests of the workforce.

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