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May 12, 2023

Test 2: Avoiding Fragments
Directions: Repair all fragments in the passage below. Make corrections clearly..


Most Americans take the humble hamburger for granted. In actuality, it has a long and interesting
history. The burger originated in Russia during the Middle Ages. When a group of Mongolian Tartars
shredded some raw meat scraps and ate them. Later they gave this new delicacy to some German
sailors. Who had sailed into Baltic ports. After leaving these ports with the recipe. The sailors
introduced the raw meat mixture to the people of Hamburg, Germany. Because these people did not
like raw meat. They broiled the shredded meat patty.
In 1900, Louis Lassen served the immigrants’ recipe to his lunch wagon customers. Inserting the
meat patty inside two pieces of bread. By 1904 a cook was hastily slapping beef patties between two
buns. For the crowds at the St. Louis Fair. Soon people were adding condiments. Such as ketchup,
mustard, and relish. The hamburger was quickly becoming a familiar American dish.
Many restaurant menus began to offer the hamburger sandwich. Which gained its real prominence in
1954. Through the efforts of Maurice and Richard McDonald. These two men owned a successful
restaurant on Route 66 in California. It was a small restaurant. Decorated with two golden arches. A
salesman named Roy Krok saw the potential profit in selling hamburgers along the roadsides of
America. First he offered to set up more stands for the McDonald brothers. Then, in 1960, he bought
their business. Opening up similar restaurants at important crossroads throughout the United States.
The business enjoyed steady growth. In 1978, this hamburger franchise was selling eight million
patties per day on five continents. By 2006, over 99 billion hamburgers had been sold. According to
the familiar sign of the golden arches.

Test 2: Avoiding Fragments
Total Points: 12

Paragraph 1 has 4 fragments

Paragraph 2 has 3 fragments

Paragraph 3 has 4 fragments

Paragraph 4 has 1 fragment

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