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May 01, 2023



This paper looks at the global importance of financial markets, international trade, and governance. International trade is among the most dominant and critical factors. It significantly assists several businesses to commerce all around the world in order to develop and thrive in the marketplace and to conserve its place in the industry for a longer period of time which is very fierce and enterprising in its nature (Ahn 2020). Countries with efficient international trade are thriving and flourishing and have the ability to dominate the global economy. This paper explores the financial markets of the United Kingdom. The Financial market is essential in the current time. It has the ability to develop and evolve a nation`s productivity and performance in a favourable way. The financial market is a locus in which deals of financial securities, including all forms of equities, debentures, bonds and so on, are done on a regular basis. Further has been discussed below. Secondly, the capital allocation within international as well as domestic economies, which is employed by several businesses to accomplish profitability and growth, is studied in this paper. The act of distributing a country`s resources in a way that maximizes returns and hence enhances efficiency and effectiveness is known as capital allocation. Because of the country’s magnitude and the worth of its activities, capital allocation is one of the most important aspects. Additionally, the paper also focuses on the evaluation of an emerging country and the difficulties that the nation is facing due to industrialization and trade policies.

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