MS806: MBSI Is A Regional Chain Of Gourmet Bagel Bars Whose Rapid Rate Of Expansion Has Meant: Business Applications Programming Assignment, NUI, Ireland

MyBagelShop Application:

Your client MyBagelShop Inc. (MBSI) is a regional chain of gourmet bagel bars, whose rapid rate of expansion has meant that the head office management team wishes to become more systematic, and systems orientated in their business approach. Your company has been commissioned to create a welldesigned electronic point of sale (EPOS) application for use by their counter staff in processing customer orders.

MBSI will use the EPOS to process and record sales of their gourmet bagels to their clientele, provide inventory management to keep on top of stock levels, and provide real-time and comprehensive reports that allows them to make better business decisions. Each outlet offers thirteen different types of gourmet bagels, each of which are available to order in five different sizes (small, medium, regular, large, extra-large).

With such a large array of gourmet bagels and sizes, the head office management team are particularly focused on ensuring that it has consistency in pricing across its outlets, and that each outlet keeps an accurate live count of its stock on hand. To this end, each outlet should have a master bagel pricing list which the EPOS application must load from file into the application at the start of the day for use in calculating transactions and displaying on
the UI. The application must also keep a live count of stock, with an opening stock read in from file at the start of each day, stocks of each item (bagel type/size) are reduced as they are sold during that day’s trading, with a closing stock read out to file on application close (for use on next start of application).

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