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Mar 29, 2023

Independent research can be a life changing experience. In this unit you will complete a research project in a discipline of the Mathematical Sciences, such as Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Data Science, or Financial Mathematics and Statistics. Together with your supervisor, you will identify a suitable research problem and develop a strategy to address it. This may include synthesizing and generalising results from the mathematical literature, generating new examples, proving new theorems, writing and applying new mathematical models or devising new statistical tests. Working on a research project will also provide broader opportunities such as being part of a research group, interacting with both your peers and discipIine experts, attending research seminars and workshops. Students in some disciplines, such as Applied Mathematics and Statistics, may also have the opportunity to interact with interdisciplinary teams as part of their research project. You will communicate the research plan and findings via an oral presentation and a 40 to 60 page thesis. Successful completion of your Master of Mathematical Sciences degree will clearly demonstrate that you have mastered significant research and professional skills for either undertaking a PhD or any variety of future careers.

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