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Jun 01, 2023

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Objective of the assignment: Essay Writings the student achieve one of the main objectives of the article: to identify the types of information systems in modern organizations, to know how they operate, to understand the appropriate level of management for their implementation and application, and finally to assess the relevance of them based on the nature of the business processes to be supported by one of these types of systems. Instructions: The student is expected to respond adequately and clearly to the question below by submitting a report of at least one and not more than two pages (font 12) and electronically, Ward file) via his Blackboard account, write the name of the file as follows: “Administrative Information Systems (MIS) 2023, first name, last name” with the applicant’s name written. Upload the file on the blackboard in the duty .box. The system will search to match the answer to other sources Question: Discuss and explain the four main types of systems that serve the different .administrative levels with explain the administrative level of each system

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