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May 15, 2023

Please view explanation and answer below.•TOPIC: Meeting someone new (my wife) this essay is connected to a previous assignmentI have completed for the course. A question came up within the assignment about aninteresting topic I would like to write about and I selected meeting someone new/special.I am dropping the question from the previous assignment and my response to it below•What are some reasons why this story could be interesting to readers?I have chosen the above subject because meeting my wife was a major life changing eventfor me. I think I chose this to remind others that some people that walk into our lives couldeasily brighten it up.Essay requirements:Before you begin, be sure you review the following resources:•••Chapter 1: Getting Started with Writingo Section 1.2: Analyze the Rhetorical Situation: The Star ApproachChapter 2: The Writing Processo Section 2.2: PlanningChapter 5: Describing and Narrating: MemoriesInstructions: For this assignment, you will submit a document where you plan out yourPersonal Narrative. Below are the requirements for your document:Rhetorical StarAnswer the following questions in this assignment:•••What/who is your subject?Who is your audience?What is the purpose of your paper?Journalist QuestionsAnswer the following questions in this assignment:••••Who was involved?What happened?When did the event take place?Where did it occur?••Why did the event happen?How did it happen?You may find most of this information belongs in your introductory paragraph for your finalpaper.Initial Thesis StatementThe final paper should have a thesis statement at the end of the introductory paragraph. Thethesis statement should let your audience know what to expect if they keep reading.For example, let’s say I was writing a personal narrative about how my dog, Barkley, taughtme about responsibility and determination. Here is how a thesis statement for this pape…

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