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May 13, 2023

When answering the essays on the exam, do so in your own words. Do not directly copy your answer from the lecture notes or textbook because this is plagiarizing and you will not earn points for a plagiarized answer. However, if an occasional phrase is used please place it in quotation marks to indicate it is not your words.
Chapter 1 – Globalization  
1. Discuss the primary advantages and disadvantages of globalization. Do you believe the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, or vice versa? 
Chapter 2: National Differences in Political, Economic, and Legal Systems
Chapter 3: National Differences in Economic Development 
2. Explain the concepts of political risk, economic risk, and legal risk. How do these different risks affect the attractiveness of a country for doing business? 
Chapter 4 – Differences in Culture
3. What are some of the similarities between Islam and Christianity as they relate to the practice of business?
4. Hofstede isolated five dimensions that he claimed characterized the cultures of different countries. Briefly describe each of Hofstede’s five dimensions. How could Hofstede’s dimensions be used by managers as they contemplate management practices in a foreign country? 
Chapter 5 – Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Sustainability 
5. What is meant by the global tragedy of the commons, and how can corporations contribute to it?

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