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Capella University HR Challenge Presentation to Leadership PPT

Prepare 10-12 slides and slide notes that could be presented to the leadership team to explain the goals for an engagement study at CapraTek, the implementation details, and proposed plan to roll it out for all the generations in the workplace. Be sure to read the background for the CapraTek scenario in the interactive learning module for this assessment. Today’s workplaces include employees from four different generations, and each generation has a different set of expectations of how they want to grow, work, and advance in the organization. While many aspects of individual personality have some impact on this, the bigger impacts tend to come from generational variations. Millennials and Generation Z have different expectations of how the organization and their leaders should engage and support them. The old adage of “It’s your career and you have to run it” is both dated and inaccurate in the modern age. Most of today’s organizations are led by a majority of Generation X’ers with some boomers in the leadership or senior roles. In this assessment, you are asked to prepare a presentation that looks at employee engagement issues from a generational perspective and what the related resource expenditures would be.


The leadership team at CapraTek has agreed that a “pulse” survey would provide much-needed information about the specific feelings and concerns within the organization. Ultimately, they will use your presentation of the plan outline to help them decide how to spend the money, time, and resources to conduct an engagement study. CapraTek is an organization with 360 employees in three research and development divisions across two locations. CapraTek has had some difficulty retaining millennial employees at entry and mid-levels in all fields across the organization. The overall satisfaction of the boomer workforce is also not as positive as it could be, and they are not applying for advancement opportunities, which is an area of concern. The HR team lacks specific data on Generation X employees as no survey has been conducted. They are just beginning to consider Generation Z employees, as the youngest group is just graduating from college. There also seem to be issues with how work areas in the company’s spaces are organized, which may have some connection to generational preferences. There is more unknown information than known information because the company does not have an active survey program. The current perspective among the executive leadership is that there are no employee engagement issues or concerns. Some comments suggest that HR is not sourcing the best possible candidates for hiring, impacting retention rates.

Your Challenge

As an HR professional at CapraTek, you have been tasked with preparing 10–12 slides that could be presented to the leadership team about employee engagement issues, the goals for the engagement study, the likely budget and timeframe, and how you will select the best strategy to conduct the engagement study for the different generations in your workplace.


Create an effective 10–12 slide presentation deck with detailed presentation notes elaborating on each bullet point that could be presented to a leadership meeting. Your presentation should describe the engagement issues to address at CapraTek, how the engagement research tool will be selected, and the time/budget/plan to implement the engagement research strategy. Include the following in your slide presentation and presentation notes:

  1. Analyze the current employee engagement situation at CapraTek from observations of the different generations.
  2. Re-read the previous related material in the course to make observations of the different generations at CapraTek.
  3. What issues do you see from the employees’ perspective?
  4. What issues do you see from the managers’ perspective?
  5. Define the goals and the purpose of collecting engagement data from employees.
  6. What is the purpose of collecting engagement data from employees?
  7. How will the data collected be used to address the engagement issues identified above?
  8. Analyze the common process in the field for selecting appropriate engagement survey questions and/or selecting the right survey tool.
  9. Estimate the approximate budget, time, and resources needed to implement an engagement research strategy for CapraTek (360 employees at CapraTek, three divisions, two work sites).
  10. Describe the overview of the implementation plan for engagement research at CapraTek.

An effective PowerPoint presentation for this purpose typically includes:

  • One title slide, APA formatted.
  • 1–2 introduction slides explaining the employee engagement context at CapraTek, taken from the scenario above and the preceding course material.
  • 1–2 slides identifying the main engagement issues for the different generations.
  • 1–2 slides defining the goals for the engagement study and how the data will be used to address the issues.
  • 1–2 slides analyzing the common process for creating or selecting an engagement research tool.
  • 1–2 slides with approximate budget, time, and resources needed to implement an engagement research strategy.
  • One conclusion slide with an overview of the implementation plan for the engagement research at CapraTek.
  • One slide with APA-formatted references.

Presentation notes under each slide to describe the main points of emphasis.

Submission Requirements

The deliverable for this assessment applies professional skills in Human Resources Management (HRM) to workplace situations you will likely encounter in your day-to-day work in HRM. As part of your learning, we focus on the development of effective professional communication skills for the workplace. Your assessment will be based on the following:

  • Length of presentation: Your presentation should include 10–12 well-designed slides, with presentation notes, in addition to the resources slide.
  • Organization: Make sure that your assessment writing is well-organized, using headings and subheadings to organize content for the audience.
  • Number of resources: A minimum of six resources, possibly including one course reading.
  • Evidence: Support your thoughts, ideas, and statements with data and in-text citations. Use current APA format for in-text citations and create a reference list at the end of your presentation.
  • APA formatting: Resources and in-text citations are formatted according to current APA style and formatting.
  • Written communication: Convey purpose, in an appropriate tone and style, incorporating supporting evidence and adhering to organizational, professional, and scholarly writing standards.
  • Write for a specific audience, using the vernacular of the profession.
  • Use spell-check and other tools to ensure correct spelling and grammar.

Scoring Guide Criteria

Competency 1: Apply models of employee motivation, growth, and engagement in the workplace to create the employee experience.

  • Analyze the current employee engagement situation at CapraTek for the different generations.

Competency 2: Analyze the ways in which culture, employee, and leader behavior impact strategic retention.

  • Define the goals and the purpose of collecting engagement data from employees and managers.

Competency 3: Assess the influence of technology on engagement and retention outcomes.

  • Analyze the common process in the field for creating appropriate engagement survey questions and selecting the right survey tool.

Competency 4: Design practices that impact the employee life cycle and generate positive employee and organizational outcomes.

  • Estimate the needed budget, time, and resources to implement an engagement research strategy for CapraTek including an overview of the implementation plan.

Competency 5: Communicate clearly, accurately, and professionally in the Human Resource Management field.

  • Convey purpose, in an appropriate tone and style, incorporating supporting evidence and adhering to organizational, professional, and scholarly writing standards.

AC 504 Stanford University Ethics Program in Coca Cola Company Discussion

Assignment 2: Review an Ethics Program For this Assignment, you are to review the ethics program of a well-known company or a company you are familiar with (such as your employer). You should describe the format and overall layout of the policy and highlight the critical aspects of the program. Specifically, make sure to include all of the following:

  • Name of the company
  • Title of the policy/program
  • Comment on the overall layout of the program
  • Reference the mission statement (business conduct statement)
  • Discussion on the values incorporated into the company’s code of ethics
  • Description of the mechanisms in place to ensure compliance with the program (e.g., monitoring systems, reward systems)
  • Details regarding consequences for unethical behavior.
  • Your reflection on the policy as a whole (was anything missing?)
  • Your program review should be 4-7 pages long (including the title and reference pages). Your paper should be APA compliant.

HRM 552 University of Phoenix Training Motivational Theories Essay

DO NOT GO OVER 700 WORDS! Imagine that your training plans are not yielding the expected results in learning according to the data that you’ve analyzed. There has been discussion with the leadership team about issues with employees not being motivated to learn, and employee surveys have confirmed that employees are not sufficiently motivated. Your team has been asked by the HR Director to investigate what may be causing the lack of motivation. Your investigation should consider barriers to learning, motivational theories, and alternatives for enhancing employee motivation. Create a report of no more than 700 words that summarizes various motivational theories. Write a report that includes the following components:

  • A comparison of motivational theories
  • Alternatives that should be considered to enhance learner motivation
  • The impact on self-efficacy on learning
  • Recommendations for improving motivation for learning
  • Data that you will collect to determine whether or not your recommendations are having a positive effect upon employee motivation
  • Strategies for enhancing the retention of learning
  • Post-implementation surveys and analysis to determine the effectiveness of training on motivation
  • Cite any outside sources according to APA formatting guidelines. DO NOT GO OVER 700 WORDS!

UMUC Organizational Culture Understanding the Concept and Application Discussion

For the SLP 4 assignment, you will explore some aspects of an organization’s culture, at least as you see it. (Select an organization you have worked with, if possible.) Since the concept of organizational culture is open to many interpretations and classifications, this assessment offers a slightly different approach from your background reading on organizational culture

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