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May 27, 2023


Onboarding refers to the process of integrating new employees into an organization. This process is of great significance, especially since it introduces new employees to their roles in addition to the organizational philosophies, culture, values, practices, and the numerous other benefits they will enjoy from working for the company. In other words, onboarding sets the tone for employees to develop their experience and function effectively within their job role and the workplace. In this presentation, we are going to explore what managers need to do when having a new employee, specifically focusing on the first week, the first month, and the end of the probation period.

First Week

The first week initiates the new employee’s experience with the company, and it is the period when the employee is welcomed into the workplace and the company at large. Any activities conducted during this period are directed at making the employee feel welcomed, supported, and comfortable as part of the company’s workforce. The experience also creates a first-time impression about the workplace to the employee, painting a picture of the possible future they are going to experience working for the company.

Section 1: Warm Welcoming

Prepare a week one agenda

Make lunch plans for the first day

Having a structured plan of how the employee’s first week will look is important. It will help the employee feel welcomed into the company and it will assist in establishing a clear understanding of the employee’s duties and responsibilities. The agenda could focus on fundamental aspects including an overview of the company, its culture, values, mission, vision, and practices among others.

First-day lunch plans are an excellent idea for effectively welcoming new employees and making them feel like part of the company. The lunch plans can also be used as an opportunity to introduce the new hire to other team members. It is also an opportunity to start building a professional relationship with the employee.

Send welcome e-mail to teammates

Introduce employee to colleagues

Another important part of the onboarding process is introducing the new employee to colleagues. This helps create a sense of community and support for the employee, making their assimilation into the workplace easier. The e-mail should provide details on the new employee including their job title and responsibilities.

Introduce to department leads and executive teams

Take a walking meeting outside the office to learn more about employee’s life outside of work

It is also crucial to introduce the employee to department leads and executive teams as this helps them understand the company’s organizational structure and the different goals held by the company. This part of the onboarding process can happen through a formal meeting, but it can also be done through an informal introduction.

Taking a walking meeting outside the office and making an effort to know the employee’s life outside work is an effective approach to establishing a personal relationship with the employee in addition to understanding their interests and goals. The interaction can help managers connect with their new employees and build an environment of trust and support.

Section 2: Map the Lay of the Land

Take a tour of the office

Show them key places in the building

A tour of the office is a necessary onboarding step where the employee will receive a more in-depth introduction to the workplace, including touring the different facilities and showing them the various resources available to them. Showing them the key places in the building should help mitigate some potential inconveniences while also boosting their comfort and safety.

Show them their desk and equipment

Managers also need to show new employees their desk and equipment, in addition to ensuring that they have everything they need to effectively perform their job. This should significantly reduce the stress experienced by the employee and increase their productivity and performance.

First Month

The new employees become more integrated as time goes by, and the first month is a key milestone for evaluating their experience. Primarily, the employee is still interacting with and getting to know other employees within the company in addition to their superiors, and they should receive assistance in these areas to make them feel like part of the team and the workplace. The manager should work closely with the employee as they continue to figure out and learn different aspects of the workplace and their role within the company.

Section 3: Setup for Success

Review job role and responsibilities

Reviewing the new employee’s job role and responsibilities is crucial, especially to ensure that they have a clear understanding of what is expected of them. Reviewing the job description can help make the process comprehensive, and the manager can answer and address any questions or concerns the employee might have.

Discuss manager style & expectations

Managers need to communicate their styles and expectations to new employees to help them understand the company’s goals so that they can work towards them more effectively. This should include the expected performance and behavior, and it should help minimize the risk of miscommunication and other issues that might undermine performance.

Review performance goals

Research has established that employees tend to perform better if they are provided with clear, specific, actionable, measurable, and specific goals. Indeed, setting and reviewing the performance goals helps the employees understand what is expected from them and their position, effectively placing them on a path of continuous growth and success.

Schedule meetings with the key “players” working with the new hire

The goal of scheduling meetings with the key “players” working with the new hire is to help understand how the workplace functions, including the different departments, as well as how they interact with each other to foster growth and success in day-to-day operations and throughout the organization.

Provide employee directory

The first few months can be rather challenging for new hires, especially since they are still trying to figure out the workplace, including how ev…

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