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May 02, 2023


The network Ipv4 is To find the network Ipv4 of a windows laptop one is required to interact with the command prompt. Click on the start button on the keyboard or press the start icon on the monitor and type ‘cmd’ to open the command prompt. A black window appears on the screen. To see the IP configurations of the computer type ‘ipconfig/all’ then press the enter key on the keyboard. All the IP configurations are displayed. Amongst them is an ipV4 address.
The MAC address of a windows laptop is listed among other configurations. To locate it, press the start button and search ‘cmd’ to open the command prompt. On the command prompt type ‘ipconfig/all’ and click enter. The MAC address consists of a series of twelve digits. On the list of configurations that appear, it is listed as the physical address. Each network adapter usually has its own MAC address. The Ethernet adapters MAC address is 5C-B9-01-AF-5E-42. The Wireless LAN adapter Local Area Connection* 1 has a MAC address of 80-19-34-04-81-5D. The Wireless LAN adapter Wi-Fi has an IP address of 80-19-34-04-81-5C.
The default gateway is listed among IP address configurations under wireless LAN adapter WI-FI. To find it, search cmd on a windows laptop and click enter. On the black and white window that appears write ‘ipconfig/all’. Under the list that appears is wireless LAN adapter WI-FI. Under it is a sub-list is a default gateway. In this case, its value is Its purpose is to forward packets or data to other networks when there is no matching route specification in the current destination indicated on the IP address of the packet.
The DHCP server is the same as the default gateway. The default gateway’s IP address is specified on the computer making it easy to communicate with devices that are not in the same network. It is usually the address of the router on the network. A DHCP server is used to assign IP addresses, default gateways, and other parameters of the network to other devices. The DHCP is reliant on a dynamic protocol.
The current computer has no IPv6 address. However, it is of great importance since most sites support both IPv6 and IPv4.

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