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May 01, 2023


Discussion Deliverables

As it is of late, Canada is one of the most advanced computer technology countries globally. Technology has led to two significant impacts. These impacts include the creation of employment and reducing job opportunities for human labor beings. As the days are moving day by day, people will lose jobs due to the introduction of robots in the labor force supply. It is an impact sired by computer technologies.

Since computer technology has contributed to creating new job opportunities, the situation has now escalated to that many of these jobs will be occupied by robots, among other machines. It means that human beings will lose jobs at an alarming rate. Those who will remain will work under deep pressure where supervision through computer technology surveillance will be high. High leadership will course a lot of embarrassment, and hence many people will lack a comfortable job. Many companies assume some technological platforms with all jobs assigned to various robots. Three hundred tasks will be given to just two or three robots to finish within a few hours under the management of one or two managers or supervisors using remote operation. Hence, jobs will be minimal to people.

Therefore, a solution is required to resolve this matter, or an alternative should be sought. Since the coronavirus outbreak, many people have shifted to search for remote jobs. These remotes jobs may require few people for the technologically integrated companies. Solving the spread of COVID-19 and its variants have been a good idea for most employees to work from home. The work that requires manual labor will now be assigned to robots that cannot contract such diseases. Many employees will be replaced, and hence with a few years to come, many people may lose their jobs permanently.

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