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May 15, 2023

A research brief topic – Neighborhood Watch Program (Pick one that you can find the most research on including research on criminal theories, etc.)


This task requires you to design a research project to determine whether a particular program or intervention ‘works’ and prepare a brief explaining your proposed research. Your brief must address each of the seven elements listed below, however you choose to do so.
(NOTE: the order of the topics and the suggested word counts below are offered as a guide only – they are not prescriptive).
Introduction: Research topic: what, who, where, how and why? (~300 w)

Background to the problem/issue/program and review of existing literature: (~1200 w)
• Policy context
o Outline the political setting and policy context of the problem/issue/program
• Has this problem/issue/program been researched/evaluated before?
• If so, gather and critically assess this research (What evidence or knowledge exists? Who produced it? What methodology was used? How reliable is the evidence or knowledge produced? What does it leave out?)
• If not, explain why not, and gather and critically assess research in a related area that could be applied to the problem/issue/program you’ve identified
• This review of relevant research literature must be critical, that is, you need to consider the strengths and limitations of any previous research. Also try and identify its political and/or ideological position, as well as its theoretical assumptions.
• Why is it important to research this particular problem/issue/program/intervention?
Proposed methodology (~1000 words)
• What is/are your research question/s?
• What measures/principles will you use to determine ‘effectiveness’?
• What research approach will you take to address the research question/s?
• What data will you need to collect and how will you collect it?
• How would you analyse the data?
Political issues/challenges (~500w)
• What political issues or challenges might arise in the course of the proposed research?
• g. consider funding and its implications, control of/access to participants and information, negative findings
• How might these be dealt with/addressed?
Ethical issues (~500 w)
• What are the ethical issues you would need to consider?
• How would you resolve/address these?
Timeline and associated activities (~200w)

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