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Oct 05, 2023

Assignment Question

Selected company – Nike Competitors – Adidas, Puma & Sketchers For this assignment, you are expected to select a company and three competitors from the same industry and prepare an analytical report in which you will critically evaluate, analyse, discuss and comment on the key issues in the financial appraisal. Consider selecting companies or an industry that is of relevant to your career or personal interests. You must obtain the instructors permission for your company selections. Once approved, post your selections in the Wiki provided. You will be expected to use the latest financial statements of the companies, within the same calendar year. The report will make reference to scholarly research and explicitly address the following: An analysis of the current business and financial health of your company. You are expected to employ financial ratios and the Altman Z-score (specific formulas for different types of companies) to examine the financial health of your chosen company in comparison to its competitors. A research evaluation and critical analysis of the industry sector and a financial analysis of three other companies in the same sector You can benchmark based on prior years’ data. A critical appraisal of the financial strengths and weaknesses of your chosen company compared to the listed competitors. A critical evaluation of the financial techniques (i.e., ratio and the Z-score) applied in the analysis. Recommendations suitable for your company on how they can achieve the changes you feel are necessary. A reasoned conclusion and summary of your findings. Use charts bar graphs etc., to visualize your findings. The report will be assessed base on the financial techniques employed and a critical discussion of the subject literature, not on a “right” conclusion. Report (100%) (Main body) should not materially exceed 2,500 words, excluding bibliography / references, appendices and tables. A description of each calculation used in the report should be documented in an appendix, with the results in the main body. Import information: Please keep a hard copy of your work.

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