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Apr 01, 2023

PMA 2018/2019 – Global sourcing and supply chain design case study.
Read the case study provided and compile a 64 week sourcing and supply chain network strategy/plan for each of the 3 garment types included in the case study. You will report your choices in a 3,000
words report. You must use relevant academic literature to justify your choices. To facilitate your choices you can consider the following:

• Assess and select suppliers.

• Consult your current inventory levels and decide on an ordering pattern (how much to order, how many orders and when to place the orders).

• Select the transportation network of your goods from factory to the 4 Regional Distribution Centres.

• Decide between consolidation and cross-docking locations.

• Calculate and examine transportation, ordering and warehousing costs.

• Consult the brand strategy marketing reports provided by the marketing department (marketing strategy for each product and forecast of demand) and decide what type of supply chain each of the products need.

In addition to your report, in an appendix or a separate file, you can provide the supplier evaluation scorecards, and snapshots of the (or the) spreadsheets you used for the calculations supporting your decisions. You should also justify and present any assumptions made for your calculations.

Please read and follow the instructions below carefully:

• The report should be 3,000 words ±10%. The word count excludes figures and tables, table of contents, reference list, appendixes, etc.

• It should include an appropriate range of referenced material, using the Harvard Referencing style. Your report should have no fewer than 15 relevant academic references that support your argument.

• The assignment accounts for 100% of the final course mark.

Marking criteria: NITL9020 International Supply Chain Design Assignment

The marking criteria are listed below. Make sure that you read and understand the importance of each section. This will be reviewed in class on the last day.

• Presentation (Essay format is expected, Intelligibility, clear structure) (Max 5)

• Evidence of in-depth theoretical understanding of the subject (Identification of relevant material, appropriate use of theory, full and accurate referencing, justification of choices) (Max 30)

• Students to provide evidence of calculation and assumptions made in their decision making process (Demonstration of formulae used for calculations, and justification of any assumptions) (Max 15)

• The ability to relate decision, concepts and theories to examples and evidence (Evidence of analytical skills, link between theory and practice, use of evidence (i.e. calculations)) (Max 25)

• A critical and original appreciation of the main arguments (Logically and coherently argued, Development of own ideas/originality) (Max 25)

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