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Aug 08, 2023

.1 Describe in a few sentences your work or life environment (pre-school/ school/district/college/university), choose a population in your setting, and tell us how you would draw a simple random sample in your context. Include how you would obtain the sampling frame, draw the final sample and give an estimated sample size for the specific population.
A2. Choose a non-probability sampling method, and explain how you would implement the chosen method to draw a sample for a qualitative study using the same population you described in Al.

Section B. Instruments

Bl. Evaluate the Russian Teacher Questionnaire (RTQ) and identify three aspects which could be problematic. List three problems with an example from the RTQ for each problem identified [excluding the example in B2]. Give at least two reasons why the specific problems you identified could jeopardize the use of the questionnaire.

B2. Reformulate the problematic item to be more appropriate for a questionnaire: /0.a My role as a teacher consists in helping a pupil to find an answer by himself and learning with the help of peers

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