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May 23, 2023
The mother of anthropology, Margaret Mead, described fieldwork as “writing a novel”. It is the story and description of people. For this paper, students will go out into the “field”, and observe nonverbal communication.
The essay will focus on describing one specific “moment in time”, what people are doing, how their nonverbal communication defines their activities and conversations, etc. Try to use as many adjectives as possible and “paint” a picture with words. The richer the description, the better the paper.
Students must have two references in this paper, formatted on a separate reference page.
At least two pages typed– MINIMUM of 675 words
Use Microsoft Word document to upload
Times New Roman Font, 12 pt. size
Double spaced
Paragraphs, not bullets
Include nonverbal terminology
Specific examples
Separate reference page with two references

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